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Welcome to the Forest Research dialogue platform. You can use this platform to share your ideas on research or other challenges, which may be Forest Research-wide or designed around specific projects, such as the Centre for Forest Protection. You can read more about the background and ambitions for the platform under 'About' on this site.

Register using the simple sign-up form to participate in discussions and debates, either by submitting your own ideas and/or reading, rating and commenting on those submitted by others. Only staff from the participating organisations can add ideas and view or comment on others – participating organisations will be stated in the introduction to each challenge.

Important information about this site

By using this site you should be aware that:
    •    You will need to register and be aware of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy regarding use of your data.
    •    We reserve the right to remove ideas and comments that don’t comply with our moderation policy.

How do I take part?

To take part, you first need to register by providing a username that follows the convention of Org_Firstname_Lastname (e.g. FR_Elaine_Dick), your email address and a password.
Once registered you can add new ideas, or comment on and rate existing ideas. We encourage you to look at existing ideas first.

You don't have to comment on everything. Look through the ideas and chat about the things that matter to you. Or add your own idea if you feel something is missing.

What happens to your comments?

We will be moderating ideas and comments in accordance with our moderation policy. Submissions that do not adhere to our policy will be rejected from publishing.


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